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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. lostbrane

    lostbrane Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    Welcome to the boards!
  2. FrmDaLeftCoast

    FrmDaLeftCoast Arachnosquire

    This newbie welcomes you!
  3. MissouriArachnophile

    MissouriArachnophile Arachnoknight Active Member

  4. Bount

    Bount Arachnopeon

    Hi there! Nice to meet all you fellow collectors and keepers!
    My name is Valerio im 25 and i currently own 5 eight legged friends. Hope to meet new people with the same passion as me, to learn and maybe give my 2cents from time to time!!
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  5. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince Active Member

    @Chris LXXIX we have another Italian now.
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  6. Isabelle365

    Isabelle365 Arachnopeon

    Hi Everyone. My name is Isabelle and I'm from South Africa. Long time T fan and proud to announce that after 15 years of waiting, I finally got my first T. Love this site and look forward to learning more and seeing what everyone has to say.
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  7. Dorifto

    Dorifto Arachnopeon

    Kaixo (hello) from Basque Country!!

    After lurking some time at the forum is time to introduce myself.

    My name is Ibon and I am from Basque Country. Being a newbie, this froum is very helpful to me regarding questions about my t's.

    I hope you like my t's enclosures.

    IMG_20181001_151519__01.jpg IMG_20181002_004626.jpg IMG_20181002_004816.jpg IMG_20180831_224849.jpg
  8. Hello all my name is Ziiggy and i plan on opening an insectarium/breeding business for almost everything creepy crawly. I'm striving to make this an awesome interactive experience for the people that want to come and observe everything in their enclosures which will all be uniquely designed for each specimen. I want to give people the chance to get to know the intricacies of how insects and arachnids effect their respective environments, trying to include things like having some sort of interactive feeding and handling of the calmer residents. Also want to help the hobby by breeding everything that i would display so that people who go through can potentially take home something they saw and liked with advice on which specimens would be the easiest for newer keepers ect. Well that's my plan so hopefully it works out and thanks for having me
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  9. Minty

    Minty @londontarantulas Arachnosupporter

  10. Blitz03

    Blitz03 Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone! Francis here! Grew up around spiders till I was bitten by one as a kid so I grew a tiny phobia and now that I'm much "Older", 21, I've decided it's time to get over it and got myself 2 Ts. Did all the necessary research and I jut wanted to immerse myself with other hobbyist who are much more knowledgable! :)
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  11. Raffskii

    Raffskii Arachnopeon

    Hi. My name is Raff I'm 33 and from Leicester in the UK. I used to keep a couple of T's in my early teens. A Grammostola Rosea and a Brachypelma Hamorii, both male. After they passed on, with school, work, family and general adulting I didn't really think about getting a new T.

    Until now.

    So, I was on a typical Youtube trawl, procrastinating like a champ, and came across a channel called 'The Dark Den' which sparked my interest in keeping T's again. The host seems a super cool guy and quickly helped me realise how much I missed keeping the little guys.

    I'm really looking forward to get back into the hobby, learning new things and meeting some new people along the way.

  12. Yvetterenee Jenkins

    Yvetterenee Jenkins Arachnopeon

    Hey everyone, my name is Yvette. I'm new to the hobby. I have been doing research for a while and got myself an Avicularia Avicularia about 4 weeks ago. She went into premolt about 4 days ago in a really odd position and no webbing which has already freaked me out lmao but I have been assured this can be normal. I have plans on getting a GBB, a pink salmon, a Mexican red knee, pink Zebra and a Texas Brown, bare with me I'm still learning all the scientific names. I can pronounce them better than I can type or spell them out lol. I used to be a snake breeder and still have maby snakes, as well as many other animals.
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  13. RonC

    RonC Arachnopeon

    Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ron and I live just outside Dallas Texas. I've raised dogs. a cat, mice, fish, garter snake and turtles. Probably had others that I can't think of at the moment. Just got my first T two days ago. a G. Puchripes. Been wanting one for a while and had to make a decision what to start with. Visited the only pet store I could find that sells Ts locally but wound up mail ordering. Sticking with less defensive species for now. Maybe a G. Pulchra or B. Hamorii (Smithi) next.
  14. sukifex

    sukifex Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone. I'm Suki and I currently live in Luxembourg. I've always had a love-hate thing with spiders, observing them fascinated but from a safe distance xD
    I thought that a cute tarantula sling would help me getting over that irrational fear, 8 months later I have 17 and I'm still scared of house spiders xd but now at least I'm able to get them outside and not move out myself.
    Basically that's how it started for me. I still have a lot to learn so it's nice to join this community
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  15. Hi, Danny from the Netherlands here. On a recent trip to Big Bend National Park I saw a couple of tarantalus and have been obsessing about them since.
    I am trying to find out whether this hobby would be something for me instead of diving head first into it like I usually do. I'd rather be well prepared and not make any rash decissions.
    If I do decide to continue I would definitely start out with a "beginner" species like a Mexican Redknee.
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  16. Arachnophile123

    Arachnophile123 Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone, my name is Connor and am 18 years old. One day i realized how cute jumping spiders were, and to my surprise, I recently found a phiddipus audax in the yard. Adopted it and now I come here.
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  17. Atemrael

    Atemrael Arachnopeon

    Hi there! My name is Elliott. I'm a 22 year old Italian-American currently residing in central Illinois. I'm also new to the hobby! Recently I bought a couple of lovely slings, Pumpkin (brachypelma albipilosum) and Majora (caribena versicolor). While doing research online I noticed quite a bit of conflicting information coming from these so-called "tarantula care sheets". Naturally I joined this community, since there are many experienced keepers here who can help should I have any questions regarding my Ts! :)
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  18. Ghoulsnake

    Ghoulsnake Arachnopeon

    Hi guys! I'm Andi. I'm a Vet Nursing student and I'm slowly starting to get into invert keeping! My favorites are the round fellas like cockroaches and isopods. I hope to meet and learn from you all while I'm here! :)
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  19. manbearcat

    manbearcat Arachnopeon

    Hello all! My name is Drake, I'm 27 ever so close to 28 and I reside in the hospitality state of Mississippi. I am not only new to these board but also to Tarantulas. I purchased my first T, a Brechypelma Hamorii on 10/21/18 and she molted less than 24 hours after putting her in her new enclosure. Her molt measures exactly 3 inches. I am not certain but I think it may be a female, I named her Bella ^_^. That all being said I had intended on making my first purchase a Grammostola Pulchra, but after seeing this beauty I fell in love and wanted to rescue it from the pet store! She's super docile, I held her on our first encounter but felt like the person at the store stressed her out which stressed me out. The employee kept trying to pick her up like it was a hamster. I was surprised the employee was never bit or had hairs flicked at them, that being said I have not handled Bella since then and let her walk into her new enclosure on her own. I will be looking to buy a Grammostola Pulchra sling at a Repticon near me hopefully the next month. I literally cannot express how excited I am to have started this hobby and look forward to growing with all my new friends!
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  20. Hey guys, Melissa, 26 and I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the UK. I've adored Ts for many years now and have just recently purchased the most beautiful Brachypelma Hamorii (AF). I've named her Khaleesi. She's the sweetest thing. I guess I'm here because I've found comfort in a few of the posts on here. As a new T owner even after years of research you still worry and some of the posts on here have put my mind at rest, so thank you guys. I hope to expand my collection over the years but right now I'm as happy as Larry with my girl ❤
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