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Scolopendra heros castaneiceps bite report

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by NYAN, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoprince Active Member

    I still don’t know how to post bite reports in the bite report section. Perhaps this can get moved?

    Time of bite 10:55am

    Location of bites: wrist, pointer and middle fingers.

    Specimen: 4.5 inch bl scolopendra heros castaneiceps.

    Circumstances: pede went for a test bite, got spooked when I tried to nudge it off. Pede went one finger over and envenomated. I panicked a bit and tried to get it off resulting in a full bite on the wrist.

    Summary of injury: pointer finger received a mostly dry bite. Middle finger received a moderate envenomation with both maxilipeds. Wrist received a 1-2 second envenomation with both maxilipeds.

    Bite report

    10:55 am: almost instant burning pain which starts to increase.

    11:00 am: wrist is on fire, fingers hurt also but not as bad.

    11:05 am: pointer finger stopped hurting. Middle finger is tingling with bee sting like pain. Wrist is increasing in pain and swelling.

    11:15 am: pain increases slightly as does swelling. Typical sweating of pede envenomation begins.

    11:20 am: a shooting pain begins as well as some cramps. Middle finger can’t bend properly anymore.

    11:35 am: swelling continues to increase into palm and up into my wrist. No change in pain. No other symptoms.

    11:45 am: pain around the bite site may be decreasing, or I am becoming used to it. Swelling continues to travel up my arm as well as an aching pain. I am also experiencing some itching, possibly from the terminal legs.

    12:00 Pm: pain definitely has died down a lot. Swelling and itching continue though. Slight aching present still. Area is sensitive to touch and movement.

    12:40 Pm: swelling stopped spreading. Pain has mostly ceased.

    2:00 Pm: swelling is now going down. Pain is pretty much gone also.

    4:00 Pm: swelling in my finger is gone pretty much. My arm and wrist are still slightly swollen. My hand is sensitive and feels slightly raw.

    8:00 Pm: swelling has subsided almost completely except for around the wrist.

    The next day
    6:30 am: only symptoms left are tenderness and itching.

    Swelling reached half way up my forearm from the bite on my wrist around 3 hours post bite and didn’t progress further.

    Swelling on my middle finger reached down into my hand about 1 inch in the same time. The pain lasted about an hour. Pain rating is 5.5/10 at the worst of it, I would say 1/3 as bad as my hainanum bite from a similar sized specimen. No medical attention, pain pills or anything similar required. I disinfected the bite site immediately and will keep it clean for a few days. Moral of the story is that when one is working with these animals, it is important to not panic. In this case, a test bite became two envenomations because I spooked the animal and panicked. This was a mostly socialized pede as well.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
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